Battlefield 1 vs. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1 are two very different fps games - one takes place during world war 1 and the other takes place in the future. Battlefield is known for its more strategic and realistic gameplay while call of duty has been known for its young and competitive audience. bf1 versus cod - who will win? Call of Duty Infinite Warefare has tons of futuristic weapons and armor to use in multiplayer while battlefield focuses on realistic and strategic fighting that relies heavily on teamwork and co-op. Both Call of Duty and Battlefield have their things to offer and unique reactions to those changes in gameplay. How would you review both games? What's your opinion on the direction both games are taking? Who's guns are better, Call of Duty: WWII? BF1 Verson COD WW2 ALL GUNS COMPARED would be interesting, would cod ww2 guns be better? or bf1 guns?
With Call of Duty: WWII, it looks like Call of Duty is going into a new direction.
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Ellie 2 күн мурун
Nobody communicates in Battlefield 1 because players are busy playing in inside a movie.
Zurtle Bojangles
Zurtle Bojangles 8 күн мурун
The worst of both series
Baconcatboy 17 күн мурун
I like bf1 more infinite warfare was sh*t
Dwayne Rollin
Dwayne Rollin 15 күн мурун
@Baconcatboy ok
Baconcatboy 16 күн мурун
@Dwayne Rollin I have
Dwayne Rollin
Dwayne Rollin 16 күн мурун
Looks like u never played IW.
poop mcstinkbutt
poop mcstinkbutt 27 күн мурун
they didn't have m1 helmets in ww1
Nicklas Arnfjord
Nicklas Arnfjord Ай мурун
Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to publish this shit? The uniforms, the helmets, the weapons, that gamemode doesn't even exist in BF1. This video should rot in KGglobal hell
Crayz Playz
Crayz Playz 2 ай мурун
get ready to get noscooped?
GhostbusterB 2 ай мурун
Lol the little 9 year old saying “get no-scoped noob”
Zach Kobayashi
Zach Kobayashi 2 ай мурун
I have a mace
NimaSon 3 ай мурун
Yusuff Irfan.
Yusuff Irfan. 3 ай мурун
I just noticed the kids gun has taped vertical's lol
Mathias moldrup
Mathias moldrup 3 ай мурун
I have been playing games for a long time and i still love playing, BUT I HAVE NEVER HIT A FUCKING NO-SCOPE
Vietnamese_ GamerYT
Vietnamese_ GamerYT 3 ай мурун
when did future governments conscripts little kids
Stan Lee
Stan Lee 3 ай мурун
Stupid futurist soider
Rinrada Wongsuwan
Rinrada Wongsuwan 3 ай мурун
Wrong ww1 helmets and uniform
Bianca Aparecida Ozorio
Bianca Aparecida Ozorio 3 ай мурун
WWII uniforms ?
Ethan Nunlist
Ethan Nunlist 3 ай мурун
haha ww1 with infinite warfare lol
David Hummel
David Hummel 4 ай мурун
this is so entertaing
Vogelbirb 4 ай мурун
Old people when Gen-Z popped into existence.
Samuel R
Samuel R 5 ай мурун
Call of duty more sucks
Tegan Crowley
Tegan Crowley 5 ай мурун
imposter confirmed
Northstar 5 ай мурун
What about Titanfall 2?
Prime 123
Prime 123 5 ай мурун
-in a nutshell
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat 5 ай мурун
This made me sad this is how real people are
the blackmask
the blackmask 5 ай мурун
I fought no scopeswere invented in cod world at war the best call of duty
the blackmask
the blackmask 5 ай мурун
Cod just lost all of its fans when cod ghost was made.
branglenn lee
branglenn lee 5 ай мурун
Muaz Akid
Muaz Akid 6 ай мурун
Modern warfare soldier is more rude than ww1 soldier
Tim Jim
Tim Jim 6 ай мурун
In roblox I got a 377 far no scoop💀headshot
rebecca margolis
rebecca margolis 6 ай мурун
Lucus Gonzalez
Lucus Gonzalez 6 ай мурун
I love battfild 1 it a getgy game
osvaldo enrique gutierrez lara
osvaldo enrique gutierrez lara 6 ай мурун
avril lavigne
King Vitt
King Vitt 6 ай мурун
This was so stuiped
Hailstorm 7 ай мурун
That lag was funny as hell, reminded me of kungpow
Gold Experience Requiem
Gold Experience Requiem 7 ай мурун
why isn't Titanfall 2 in here? They all released together.
dark628tinnn 7 ай мурун
That’s geman is not even wereing a geman helmet
Fritz 7 ай мурун
It's like to compare a mosquito to an airplane. If you know what i mean.
nancy van der linden
nancy van der linden 7 ай мурун
COD people are so dumb...ima happy i dont play COD
TansanBotilya 7 ай мурун
I didn't remember that M1 helmets were in WW1
Charles Leu
Charles Leu 8 ай мурун
3:00 his laugh i so damn annoying🤣😂
wolfie 8 ай мурун
so many references!!!!! 0:21 Private Ryan 1:04 you kissed your mother with that mouth 1:15 why you little
Panzerwrekd 8 ай мурун
Rubber bayonet charge!
Joshua Sankar
Joshua Sankar 8 ай мурун
Infinite warfare vs covenant
Jovan Kocevski
Jovan Kocevski 8 ай мурун
Battlefield 1 pro) call of duty noob
FOX27 HAPPY 8 ай мурун
Pro moves be like no scope
David Ventura
David Ventura 8 ай мурун
The only thing wrong is that bf1 is about ww1. If you want change it to battlefield five
USSF Enterprise
USSF Enterprise 7 ай мурун
Bayonet Charge
Swagbucks Gay
Swagbucks Gay 9 ай мурун
Juggernaut 9 ай мурун
I don’t really like infinite warfare it wasn’t like the normal call of duty it’s all space shit and stuff
Agent Linrov
Agent Linrov 8 ай мурун
But it was fun.
CrispyCrunch 275
CrispyCrunch 275 9 ай мурун
Battlefield is a lot better
Gavin Joseph Canales
Gavin Joseph Canales 10 ай мурун
His armor is stronger dude and they have abilities
Camren Bixler
Camren Bixler 10 ай мурун
Akif Demirturk ツ
Akif Demirturk ツ 10 ай мурун
So witch side is Soviet RASSA
Cubefarmer Hkc
Cubefarmer Hkc 11 ай мурун
battlefield one did a good job of not glorifying war.
paresh mevada
paresh mevada 11 ай мурун
cod infinite warfare is best because of it has futuristic weapons awesome
Zaven S
Zaven S 11 ай мурун
the cod kid was so fucking cringe
Agent Linrov
Agent Linrov 8 ай мурун
How Battlefield doesnt have a kid kind in their games. Its now apparent in receives Battlefields.
Rohan Sakora
Rohan Sakora 11 ай мурун
This voices sound familiar like those pubg vs fortnite videos.😆😆
a disappointment i guess
a disappointment i guess 11 ай мурун
I just notices he has a grip on top of his gun
Nontapat Production
Nontapat Production 11 ай мурун
America in ww1 ?
USSF Enterprise
USSF Enterprise 7 ай мурун
American WW1 in 1917 & 1918 Ending
Υπαπαντή Ζητη
Υπαπαντή Ζητη 11 ай мурун
When COD came BATTLEFIELD: welcome god of noobs
Jesse Terrell
Jesse Terrell Жыл мурун
I think we all know how this worked out. Cod got an ass whoppin never before seen in a triple A game and people to this day are still playing bf1
Bal haze
Bal haze Жыл мурун
So you're tellin' me noone respawned?
XxShadow _
XxShadow _ Жыл мурун
WW1? The guy screams out "Private Ryan!" in the first part of the video and they are also wearing WW2 stuff so this is good editing but really dumb.
XxShadow _
XxShadow _ Жыл мурун
That looks like WW2
Yankee The Grunt
Yankee The Grunt Жыл мурун
2:31 lol
Mr Coconut
Mr Coconut Жыл мурун
Battlefields better
Noel Жыл мурун
Fellas we gotta keep the no scope in World War 3
King Жыл мурун
Lol ww2 helmets in ww1
Giraffeman Жыл мурун
“Get ready to get noscoped noob” *isnt even using a scope*
Giraffeman Жыл мурун
Raffy Baffy a no scope is where your using a rifle with a scope and don’t use it
Raffy Baffy
Raffy Baffy Жыл мурун
Thats why its called a no scope
EndercometYT Жыл мурун
Deifan 10 ай мурун
BFV didnt release with MW in 2019. The game is almost 2 years old.
cody Wright
cody Wright Жыл мурун
Battlefield 5 VS Black ops 4
RainingFishy Жыл мурун
Bf1 > Cod iw
I Did Something Today
I Did Something Today Жыл мурун
Hmmmmm..... I thought this was WW1, also why a helmet over a helmet?
Dr Alphys
Dr Alphys Жыл мурун
Of course call of duty starts with the 7 year old kid
Henry Жыл мурун
I lost it when he hit the dab listening to juju on that beat
Swiggidy1Scorpion Жыл мурун
So I’ve noticed something They got the cod player very accurate I play cod and I basically deal with squeakers making mom jokes and saying a lot of profanity. I play BF1 and get called gay for backing down a 1v1 to guitar hero.
Agent Linrov
Agent Linrov 8 ай мурун
They got the BF1 soldier not accurate, either.
Forbidden Pug
Forbidden Pug Жыл мурун
“Get ready to get no-scoped, noob!” Me: Huh? Oh, it’s you again. **Simply knifes**
Cinnamon-Skateboarding Жыл мурун
It’s 2019 and oh Boy how the tables have turned.
Matt B
Matt B Жыл мурун
The Real Jeffinator
The Real Jeffinator Жыл мурун
German soldiers are only killable with ther own weapons
K. M
K. M Жыл мурун
War crime in ads !
DirtRiser57 Жыл мурун
Tbh the battlefield 1 in this un accurate they we’re different helmets
Kim Diesel
Kim Diesel Жыл мурун
For a stick grenade they had a can on a stick how sad.
Potato sniper
Potato sniper Жыл мурун
Yeah I don't like cod soooo
Ronnie Norris
Ronnie Norris Жыл мурун
The vid is not that good but good effort it’s the wrong German helmet
ExSoCal Gaming
ExSoCal Gaming Жыл мурун
Good vid though
ExSoCal Gaming
ExSoCal Gaming Жыл мурун
Did anyone notice that he disrespected the U.S flag by dropping it
Ariel Dominguez
Ariel Dominguez Жыл мурун
Both games are good
Solder From tf2
Solder From tf2 Жыл мурун
The German is like what the hell is happening right now
Omg doge Dues
Omg doge Dues Жыл мурун
When COD took over Battle Field
That was more like WW11 than WW1
Senrazei Жыл мурун
Annoying kids on the Infinite War side is 100% accurate.
Agent Linrov
Agent Linrov 8 ай мурун
I dont even see a screaming kid in the lobbies back then.
jeff Жыл мурун
Im german lul
joao batista
joao batista Жыл мурун
nome disso é lixo
Nick .S
Nick .S Жыл мурун
Ww2 gear for ww1?
Huy Tran
Huy Tran Жыл мурун
In World war 1 they didn't use scope because they in Trenches.
Just Some Elite with internet access
Just Some Elite with internet access Жыл мурун
Any one noticed he has 2 helmets
dennis kibrik
dennis kibrik Жыл мурун
Battlefield 1: gets actual teamwork in a round but and has a okay probability COD IW: gets absolutely no teamwork and is filled with losers who tea bag and are like 8 year olds who ragequit every single time and don't help you
dennis kibrik
dennis kibrik 8 ай мурун
@Agent Linrov i absolutely forgive you for that
Agent Linrov
Agent Linrov 8 ай мурун
@dennis kibrik I've been reviving my teammates in BFV. How am I useless?
dennis kibrik
dennis kibrik 8 ай мурун
@Agent Linrov so you admitted to being useless
Agent Linrov
Agent Linrov 8 ай мурун
@dennis kibrik which is exactly why I comment
dennis kibrik
dennis kibrik 8 ай мурун
@Agent Linrov that was a 11 months ago stereotype
RasEli Жыл мурун
3:05 nice Monte python reference!!!!!!!
confirmeddough Жыл мурун
Anyone notice that at 0:33 he put a helmet over a helmet
Malaysian Productions
Malaysian Productions Жыл мурун
The video should be titled: Vietnam War Veterans VS 7 year old kid.
Malaysian Ball
Malaysian Ball Жыл мурун
@Malaysian Productions ye bosskur
Malaysian Productions
Malaysian Productions Жыл мурун
@Malaysian Ball Sayangi Malaysiaku betul tak?🇲🇾
Malaysian Ball
Malaysian Ball Жыл мурун
@Malaysian Productions we are same country
Malaysian Productions
Malaysian Productions Жыл мурун
@Malaysian Ball ye?
Malaysian Ball
Malaysian Ball Жыл мурун
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